Operational system of environmental simulation

Preventive maintenance



Our experience means we are able to offer flexible maintenance contracts as a means to provide you with a personalised serviced adapted to your needs.

Streamlining and improving the reliability of your equipment ensures your availability and competitiveness.For this, we support you with a  qualitative approach to operations, through a follow-up of preventative and curative maintenance on machines, verifying the leak-proofing in accordance with standards and the traceability of the treatment of refrigerants.


We will provide you a list of areas for improvement such as the advances in control systems, resizing and adapting your tools for future markets or equipment refining, and will keep you up to date on changes in standards within the industry. It is our duty is to provide you with advice.

Our duty, advise you


A maintenance sheet will be filled in for each device and the technician will affix a label on each workstation noting the date of verification, date of the next visit, the type(s) and quantity of refrigerants and validation of the leak-proofing check. As such, you will be in-line with current standards and can easily meet quality requirements.