Operational system of environmental simulation

Salt spray

Compliant techniques

Our range of salt spray chambers meets the international test standards DIN, ISO, ASTM, BS, JIS, MIL-STD. The references vary depending on the model.

SCS designed this range to be practical for the user while guaranteeing state-of-the art technology, which is why we can offer you two models: a model with a front door and a trunk model with a fully translucent lid. From 400 to 2,000 litres, our products guarantee user safety and the safety of your tests, rigour and conformity.



Service name Information
Volume (L) Front door model 400, 1,000
Volume (L) Trunk model 400, 1,000, 2,000
Continuous temperature 35°C following test
Maximum temperature 50°C
Power supply 2.1KW + T – 230V
Saline solution 15-17 litres/day


The information presented here is a description of our general range only. All details may be modified by our research unit.
*Power supply may be modified depending on the model and on request

Standard equipment


Trunk model
Front door model